10 Amazing Historical Photos of Cats

Historical Photos of Cats

Historical Photos of Cats -

Cats are the animals with the best hearing and are capable of making 100 sounds while dogs are only capable of making 10.

Interesting, isn't it?

Cats are one of the oldest animals on earth, there are records from 10,000 years ago in which there are proofs and samples that they already inhabited the earth.

We will show you the 10 most curious and interesting historical photos of cats throughout time.

Cats that sailed ships untill the mid 20th century to catch rodents, had their own passports signed with their paw prints. This one issued on 1st December 1943

Blind kids touching the cat for the first time ever, 1981

A lady feeding a homeless cat, Paris, 1939 - 1945

Casting call for black cats. Los Angeles, 1961

Woman in dress with cat (England c. 1900-1910)

Happy girl and her cat, 1959

Historical Photos of Cats

George, a white cat who lives at the top of one of the pylon supports of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, keeps a watchful eye on the city below, 1957

Historical Photos of Cats

A girl and her cat, San Antonio, TX, 1939

Historical Photos of Cats

The cat photographer, 1909

A man and his cat, 1967

Dwarf Henry Behrens dances with his pet cat in the doorway of his Worthing home, 1956

Cop stops the traffic in New York so a mother cat holding a kitten can cross safely, 1925

Historical Photos of Cats

A cat makes a great escape from the animal rescue league of boston, 1940

Historical Photos of Cats

"The weightless cat"-experiment, performed inside the cockpit of an F-94C to test the effect of sub-gravity forces on the body, 8 February 1958

Historical Photos of Cats

Cats Blackie and Brownie Catching Milk During Milking at Arch Badertscher’s dairy farm, Fresno, California, 1954

Historical Photos of Cats

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