Historical Photos of China

Historical Photos of China

China is the most populated country in the world and the second world economic power, so you have millions of interesting things and one of them is its culture and tradition, so we bring you 10 historical photos of China.

In which we will show you the typical culture and traditions they had in China in the 1900s.

Historical photos of China offer a captivating insight into the incredible cultural heritage and historical past of the country of China. A country with imperial dynasties and modern revolutions.

"Happiest Man in China", taken in 1901 by British anthropologists after deciding to document the Chinese. The Chinese didn't know photos were a "serious matter" and decided to be goofy, hence the pose and smile

Historical Photos of China

Simple bridge made from two chains in China, circa 1930

Archeologists excavate and examine ancient terracotta warrior sculptures in Xi’an, People’s Republic of China, 1979

Queen Elizabeth II views the 2,000-year-old Terra Cotta Warriors during a visit to Xian, China, 1986

The Great Wall of China before modern restorations, 1907

Men Carrying Tea Bricks on the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Sichuan China, 1908

Wanrong, the last of Empress of China, wearing "chaofu" the ceremonial court dress of the Qing Dynasty, 1920s

Husband and wife, China, 1864

Historical Photos of China

Autochrome of a Buddhist lama in Beijing, China, 1913

Historical Photos of China

Street scene in Guangzhou, China, 1880

Historical Photos of China

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