Historical Photos of Rome

Historical Photos of Rome

Historical Photos of Rome -

Rome is a city, capital of the Lazio region and of Italy. With a population of 2,857,321 inhabitants,3​ it is the most populated municipality in Italy and the third most populated city in the European Union

18 year-old Muhammad Ali stands alone at the 1960 Rome Olympics

Rome when it became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy (1871)


An Itallion Woman Inspects a Scottish Soldiers Kilt. Coliseum, Rome 1944

Wrestling in the remains of the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine at the 1960 Summer Olympics Games. Rome, Italy, 1960

Swiss guards guarding the entry to the Vatican. In the background an Italian Carabiniere. Rome, late XIX century

JFK being served fettuccine Alfredo by its inventor, Alfredo di Lelio at the restaurant Alfredo in Rome, Italy. 1963

Two girls dressed up as members of the ancient Roman Empire. Rome, 1937

Historical Photos of Rome

Telegraph office in the Vatican (Rome, Italy 1912)

Historical Photos of Rome

Vittorio de Sica at Schiphol Airport (London-Rome), souvenir purchase, March 22, 1962.

Historical Photos of Rome

Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay) in action during Men's Light-Heavyweight Gold Medal bout vs Poland Zbigniew Pietrzykowski at Palazzo dello Sport during the 1960 Summer Olympics (Rome, Italy 1960)

Historical Photos of Rome

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