10 Historical Photos of Women

Historical Photos of Women -

Throughout time, women and men have achieved incredible accomplishments in the world, all of which have been perfectly photographed so that we in the present can see what was in the past.

In this article we will talk about the women of the past, in which we will show you 10 historical photos of women.

10 historical photos in which we will show you what the past was like for women.

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A woman from 1903 getting photographed for first time

King Island Eskimo woman and child, King Island, Alaska, between 1915 and 1925

A traffic cop fines a woman for wearing a bikini. Rimini, Italy, 1957

Woman cutting her birthday cake in Iran 1973

A Japanese woman carrying her children in a bucket on her head, Japan 1900s

Young woman who survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, August 1945

Historical Photos of Women

Victorian woman posing with teacups on her breasts, 1870s

Historical Photos of Women

106-year-old Armenian Woman guards home, 1990

Historical Photos of Women

Family photograph of a Bulgarian woman wearing traditional clothing, Bulgaria, circa late 1800s

Historical Photos of Women

A Chinese woman and child in the UK, 1920s

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